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H.R. Applications

H.R. Applications

CYCOM offeres a complete range of Human Resources Applications as follows:

  • Payroll System: Comprehensive System which enables  users to run the company's payroll in the most effective way, based on the conpany's requirements.
  • Provident Fund: Comprehensive System that enables the users to handle all the functions that a provident fund constitution requires.
  • Human Resources Management System: The system provides the tool in order to minimize the time spend by companies to create Human Resources transactions, to record them, to maintain them and to produce meaningfull information for them.


Cycom Windows Provident Fund System is based on industry accepted Client/Server Relational Database Technology and an Open Systems Architecture that allows users to organize and adapt the system to meet their specific requirements. The system uses the 32-bit architecture and it can use both ACCESS and ORACLE databases. Provident Fund System is a comprehensive system that enables the users to ...

Human Capital is proven to be the most valuable asset within organizations today. At the same time employees have a large  mount of transactions within a company. Such as leave transactions, training, appraisals, benefits, contracts and many more. Companies target to use their employees in the most productive and hassle free environment allowing them to focus on what they are expected to ...

This is a   Comprehensive System which enables users to run the company’s payroll in the most effective way, based on the company’s requirements. The System is divided into two Versions.  The Professional Version which covers almost all types of businesses in the Cyprus Market, and the Corporate Version containing  additional functionalities that are mostly ...

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