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‘’Cycom SOFIA Cloud’’ is now a reality!


‘’Cycom SOFIA Cloud’’ is now a reality!

‘Cycom Business Solutions Ltd, is proud to announce the launch of its new web application “Cycom SOFIA Cloud’’ , in co-operation with its strategic partner Logosnet Technologies.’

The leading innovative system represents the Cycom SOFIA Financial Management System, Cash Management System and Service Invoicing System which are promoted, accessed and used as a Web Solution.

This innovative solution allows small to medium-sized companies to have access to their financial systems via internet from anywhere in the world!!!

Now, there is no need for spending an enormous initial cost for acquiring a central, integrated system. We provide you with the possibility to have a minimal initial investment cost and assist you to avoid the cost of buying an expensive server. Furthermore, no extra service fees are needed for performing the back-up of your system.
We have the key solution to solve the major areas of concern for the small and medium enterprises regarding the following issues:
• Companies wish to avoid the high cost of ownership for a central automation system.
• The growing business complexity imposes the need for customizations which reflect additional cost.
The innovative package we promote ensures the following:
• Minimization of the high initial cost of system acquisition
• Lower customization fees
• Upgrades provided on-line without customer interference
• 24 x 7 technical support provided
• High levels of security through encryption
• In-built support ensures Business Continuity and flexible working

The unique selling proposition of our offering is the following:
‘The “Cycom SOFIA Cloud” will make your information available via the internet, in an optimal, secure and cost-effective method, in exchange for a minimal monthly fee.’
To be more precise, this web solution is provided via Logosnet broadband network and utilizes a Virtual powerful server. The expert consulting team of Logosnet, will take care of the storage, back-up and disaster recovery services required.

The web application Cycom SOFIA Cloud comprises of the following modules:
• Financial Management System: It assists in the automation, integration and management of all the financial and accounting processes.
• Cash Management System: It facilitates the processing of cash transactions and allows bank accounts to be reconciled. In addition, it facilitates deposits, issuance of deposit slips and receipts, and properly handles and accounts for post-dated cheques.
• Service Invoicing System: It allows for the issue of Invoices and Credit Notes to clients or Suppliers and produces various sales statistics. Automatically interfaces with the Financial Management System.
• Customer Relationship Management: A tool which assists in enhanced customer satisfaction through efficient sales, instant after-sales support service and effective resolution of pending issues and activities.
The key features of the Cycom SOFIA Cloud include the following:
• Simple to use: the system is easy to learn and use
• Technologically advanced: leading technology ASP .Net
• Web connected: accessible through internet from any point
• Rapid implementation: Immediate system set-up, easy configuration and ready to go
• Fast data entry and multiple dynamic reports
• Easily adaptable and expandable: adapt your business processes and support your changing needs
• Facilitates wise decision-making: take important strategic decisions
• Improves efficiency: through system integration
• Enhance business growth: organize and optimize resources
• High Return On Investment (ROI): affordable total cost of ownership
Finally, we wish to emphasize the benefits to be acquired by the enterprise from the Cycom SOFIA Cloud:
• Immediate implementation is reflected to lowered costs for the project
• Enables avoidance of upfront cash payment
• Clients have access to their financial system via internet
• Back-up and recovery is performed by experts
• Software integration issues are eliminated from the client site.
• Keep core systems up to date, available and managed for performance by expert consultants.
• Improves the reliability, ensures on-going availability and solves scalability issues.
• Enhances security of internal IT systems.
• Reduces internal Information Technology costs to a controllable monthly fee.
• Note, that our security provider center, DataFort, is established as one of the highest security levels. As a rule, when companies are moving to DataFort infrastructure, they manage to reduce their firm’s level of risk associated with Information Technology, as security is handled by experts.  


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