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Fiscal Memory Electronic Device


Fiscal Memory Electronic Device

In accordance with the Taxation Law Κ.Δ.Π. 224/2010 which covers the printing of Receipts and Invoices, the use of Fiscal Memory Electronic Devices is now mandetory in the Republic of Cyprus.

The device which has a Fiscal Memory of its own and works in conjunction with the Software on the computer through which receipts and invoices are printed. This electronic device gives a unique hallmark on every printed forementioned document.

Any person or company issuing computerised Cash or Credit Invoices should install such a device, so that their Invoices and Receipts can be marked and the transaction recorded in the Fiscal Memory Electronic Device.

The Fiscal Memory Electronic Devices must be complient with the Government Requirements and must have the specific certification. Most importantly, they must be compatible with the users Software.

We urge any Cycom clients issuing Cash or Credit Invoices or Receipts to contact Cycom for further information.


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