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Cycom Business Solutions Ltd is an Oracle Certified Partner and provides powerful software solutions for today’s demanding and competitive business environment. Cycom Product Suite is a comprehensive range of Systems, based on Oracle Relational Database Technology and an Open Systems Architecture that allows users to organize and adapt the Systems to meet their specific requirements. The easy-to-use graphical user interface increases user productivity and enables business workgroups to manage financial information more effectively.

The list of Financial Applications includes the following: Cycom SOFIA: New ERP software series Cycom SOFIA (Sophisticated Financial Applications). Financial Management System: Comprehensive Accounting and Management Information System. Cash Management System: Facilitates the processing of cash transactions, allows bank accounts to be reconciled, handles cheques, ...

CYCOM offeres a complete range of Human Resources Applications as follows: Payroll System: Comprehensive System which enables  users to run the company's payroll in the most effective way, based on the conpany's requirements. Provident Fund: Comprehensive System that enables the users to handle all the functions that a provident fund constitution requires. ...

The Development department of CYCOM Business Solutions Ltd, has the responsibility for the development of new customised projects to serve the needs and particularities of potential or existing customers.

 The range of Inventory Applications includes the following: Inventory Management System: Comprehensive system for covering and supporting organizational warehouse needs throughout the entire warehouse management cycle. Sales Order Processing System: Comprehensive system covering and supporting organizational selling needs thoughout its entire life cycle from Proposals, ...

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