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“Despite our 100+ history we do not stand still.  We follow a rigorous development programme in order to deliver to our students and staff an optimal learning and working environment.  Our strategic development plan a few years ago, included the introduction and implementation of a new accounting software package, one that would deliver us to our next century of existence.  CYCOM provided a solution which, doubled with the integration of ancillary software solutions delivered a totally satisfactory end-result.  The project was not an easy one: adopting the Euro as the base currency meant for us having to deliver financial statements with 2 base currencies in the same financial year. There was a lot of planning and plenty of hours were spent on integration.  CYCOM were there with us.  The degree of professionalism shown was exemplary and this was evident in the success of the project.  The team that delivered the solution was excellent and their technical support came as an additional aid to the whole effort.  We were not surprised.  After all, we wouldn’t expect anything else from a company who has proven to be a trusted associate for so many years.  ‘Growing and serving’ with the American Academy Larnaca at every single step.
Thank you CYCOM.’’

Athena Kranidiotou Gregoriou
Business and Enterprise Manager
American Academy Alumni Foundation

Corporate Information

  • Name: American Academy Larnaca
  • Industry: Academic Sector
  • Products and Services: Learning organization offering Educational Services
  • Represented by: American Academy Larnaca Private School
  • Number of employees: 105 employees
  • Web site:
  • Implementation Partner: CYCOM Business Solutions Ltd

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Develop and provide effective support services for the Student Register System. The features provided by the system, include among others the following: Students and Teachers Details, Students Subjects, Students Marks, Students Final Year Exam Marks, Students Effort and Progress and the Academic Report.
  • Manage the Business and Financial Risk through efficient management of cash inflows and outflows
  • Effectively manage the student enrolments and payments
  • Administer the monthly Payroll of the organization through an effective management information system
  • Integrate business operations through a comprehensive business applications solution
  • Automate the operations of the Bookshop as a Retail Sales business

Ultimate Objective of Project

  • The ultimate objective of the project was to achieve a smooth automation system serving the needs through an effective  Students’ Register System, holding all the details required, and an efficient Financial Management System for recording of the Accounting transactions and the Payments made by the students.

CYCOM Solutions and Services

The list the software applications of the CYCOM Product Suite which have been deployed:

  • Financial Management System
  • Cash Management System
  • Payroll System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Fixed Asset Register
  • Purchases Order Processing
  • CYCOM Touch POS
  • Student Register System (Customised Project)

Implementation Highlights

  • Extensive business analysis as the basis for the development of the Student Register System
  • Absolute response to tight timeframes, essentially before the initiation of the new academic year
  • Process re-engineering for the full alignment between procedures and systemic input

Why was CYCOM Product Suite selected?

  • High level of professionalism
  • Provider of integrated solutions and array of services
  • Trustful business associate

Business Benefits Obtained

  • The Bookshop business was successfully integrated with the back office system
  • Comprehensive view of the organization was enabled through the Student Register System
  • More accurate and cost-effective resources allocation achieved through the Accounting System
  • Enhanced financial control over the business through the allocation of payments through the Cash Management System